1. This is my first time ever using WordPress and its fairly easy and fun
  2. I’ve learned how to utilize SEO and Yoast for my websites to make them more accesable on the eyes and more pleasing to look at
  3. That WordPress provides tones of themes and plugins tha you can download and use for your website
  • One of two things I wish we had more time to look at is how we would we be able to leave a review page with a star rating
  • The other thing would be If we are selling products how would we add tracking info on our site with a map that shows where the product is located, or how HTML would work in our website if we already had a theme

My expectations for this class were somewhat close tomy expectations, At first I was like this class is going to be difficult for me but it was actually so much easier than I thought. You’re actually very helpful and super reliable when it comes to us having questions and actually check in on students. This class was fun and it was a slight challenge, I liked learning about color schemes and how important it is to keep the website organized and clean. I’ve learmed more than I expected and im actually intrested in taking more classes relatef to this and also doing my own research.